Here are the finalists for Advertising Week‘s first ever Startup Pitch Competition, powered by VentrueFuel.


AI & Data Category


Well Traveled Logo

Well Traveled is addressing the negligence of today’s data industry and creating a trusted and accurate data source for travel brands and content creators. Well Traveled uses machine learning to understand the entire path to purchase, including the research and decision elements. They then use that data to empower travel brands and content creators to better market themselves.


Uru Logo

Uru uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to understand what is inside videos, thereby helping brands and their advertising technology providers locate brand safe, contextually relevant videos online. They can also help pull brands directly into minimally intrusive time and spaces directly inside the videos the videos for maximum impact.


One Spot Logo

(category & pitch competition winner)

OneSpot is the leading technology platform for personalizing content marketing across digital channels. OneSpot’s machine learning based Content Sequencing® engine helps the world’s best brands significantly improve engagement through individualization — creating individualized, highly relevant experiences across mobile, web, email and social channels.


Burbio Logo

Burbio streams school, community, and local business calendars and distributes the data through a personalized consumer service and iOS app, an Amazon Alexa Skill, and structures all events for discovery in Google search. Burbio’s world class calendar technology brings in the data automatically by reading iCal feeds, Google Calendar feeds, Facebook event feeds, and through custom data scrapers.


DTD Logo

DownToDash connects people based on what they are down to do; workouts, sports, eating, travelling, and other activities. They app allows users to discover what events, classes and activities are going on around them and connect with people who are down for the same. Users can create a specific plan (example: play Tennis on Thursday at 5 pm) and other users can swipe down for the plan. Popular social media apps show ‘stories’ in the moment or after something happens, DTD shows what people are planning before it actually happens.


AdTech/MarTech Category


Vyking Logo 2

Vyking created unique mobile ad formats using facial recognition and augmented reality allowing advertisers to AR ads across a large publisher network for the first time. Vyking also provides agencies/advertisers with a full creative service and helps publishers monetize with AR.


RECESS is an online marketplace connecting buyers (brands and agencies) and sellers (event organizers) that makes planning, booking, and measuring of event sponsorships more data-driven and efficient.


SnapRaffle Logo

SnapRaffle is a sweepstakes tool that collects photo submissions and captions for the business to easily post or schedule. For example, if a business collects 60 SnapRaffle entries they can schedule 1 unique social media post every day for 2 months without doing any work. SnapRaffle allows business’ clients/guests/visitors to create the social media content for them.


SoStereo Logo

SoStereo’s mission is to unlock the marketing power of music. They make it easy to enable profound connections between brands and their target audiences through smarter use of music in advertising. Their service platform leverages cutting edge technologies (data, AI), thousands of artist partnerships, and an easy to use interface backed by account executives to service any need along the way in order to bring this mission to life.


Advir Logo is a monetization platform for VR developers, starting with a free plugin enabling programmatic product placements, and integrating with 3rd party tools for analytics, virtual goods / in app purchase management, e-commerce etc. The platform (effectively a SSP + DMP) powers programmatic, non-intrusive brand placements within VR content (e.g. a 3D can of coke added programmatically on a table).


Experiences Category


Outernets Logo

Outnernets combines data, AI and experience in one solution that empowers advertisers to leverage OOH media to deliver relevant content and create engaging experiences.


Envizzo Logo

Envizzo helps brands create personalized experiences with their target consumers through product placement in short term rentals and boutique hotels. This allows property managers to receive discounted/free product to maintain their properties more effectively, travelers receive improved travel experiences, and brands leave a meaningful impression on their consumer while they’re at ease on vacation.


Simple Booth Logo

Simple Booth creates a complete end-to-end photo experience ecosystem, connects consumers/brands to events and everyday moments (micro-moments), and gives consumers what they want – experiences over things.


Beacon Crawl Logo

District-1 by Beacon Crawl reimagines proximity marketing by enabling game play, augmented reality and immersive experiences, empowering brands to connect directly with consumers in the most affluent and progressive neighborhoods in the world.


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