The Innovators Solution

Corporate innovation is one of the most dynamic, emerging, changing, challenging, rewarding, and confusing roles in the history of business. You must make bets while mitigating risks. You must evaluate that which cannot be measured. You must do the...

Rideshare Equals Mindshare

$120 billion valuations. Hundreds of thousands of drivers. Tens of millions of riders. Companies like Uber and Lyft have ushered in an entirely new industry that has exploded, seemingly overnight. Several startups have emerged with unique, scalable opportunities for...

ANA Trends Continued: Bring It In-House

  This is part 2 of trends from the 2018 ANA Master of Marketing Conference, where CMOs discussed their growth stories. Part 1, which you can read here, focused on Leading The Disruption and overcoming the Walled Gardens of Facebook, Google, etc. I gave a few startups...

3 Key Trends from the ANA Masters

  Last week, nearly 3,000 advertising industry execs descended on Orlando for the 2018 ANA Master of Marketing Conference, with a who’s who of CMOs sharing their growth stories. Below are 3 key trends that emerged from best practices shared by respected brands like...

Making the Iron Hot: Irish Startups Creating The Future

  Ireland is known for transcendental authors, from James Joyce to Oscar Wilde, but with its great tax incentives and a flexible approach to new businesses, the Emerald Isle may become known for founders rewriting the future with their startups. Last week, I toured...

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