Image result for collision conferenceCollision Conference, the tech event that deems itself “Coachella for geeks,” made a big splash in New Orleans last week with over 25K attendees. Major themes surrounding the conference included data and consumer privacy protection, the emerging growth of the agtech industry, and the future of blockchain.

Of the hundreds of startups that attended, several stood out to us as true changemakers – companies effectively solving challenges and disrupting their respective industries. Below are a few of the startups that caught our eye.

  • Alecia is the world’s first cross-platform shoppable video streaming network. The platform is 100% free for users and is commercial-free. It has already attracted 450+ brands and 160K+ active users. These users can purchase items they see on-screen by simply tapping the items and checking out. Alecia’s video content is diverse and follows the traditional TV programming model, shifting from daytime to primetime programming over the course of the day.
  •, winner of the conference’s pitch competition, is a virtual leadership coaching platform that provides managers with 1-on-1 training to effectively manage their workforces. The platform’s algorithm matches managers with top management coaches and psychologists for virtual video conferencing sessions that make training less arduous, more efficient, and far less expensive than traditional in-person training programs.
  • Bee Token is a new platform at the intersection of Airbnb and blockchain, and it plans to revolutionize the short-term home rental market that Airbnb currently dominates. As Airbnb continues to take larger cuts of renters’ payments to hosts, Bee Token, which just launched in March 2018, promises 0% commission by eliminating additional fees incurred from cancellations, bookings, and credit card payments through use of blockchain.
  • Mapwize provides an improved indoor mapping solution that companies can easily integrate with their existing systems. The software is best used for large indoor spaces that generally lack sufficient mapping details to serve customers. Mapwize improves the visitor experience across a wide range of industries, from helping retail customers more easily locate stores within shopping malls to helping event attendees find specific exhibitors and share their locations with friends.
  • Mystro improves road safety by streamlining all the trip requests that ride-share drivers receive across the various ride-sharing apps they use. Mystro’s technology identifies the most profitable trips for drivers to accept, which results in drivers earning more money, saving time, and most importantly, decreasing distractions to improve everyone’s safety on the roads.
  • itfits! is a great e-commerce add-on for footwear brands and their customers. Customers can take two photos of their feet on their smartphone, and the itfits! “try your fit” tool will determine their optimal size by brand – thereby improving the customer experience and minimizing returns.

Next year, Collision heads to Toronto, as innovation hubs continue to expand far beyond Silicon Valley. Connect with us to discuss ways we can help you identify the best of innovative solutions from across the globe to solve your business challenges while preparing your corporation for future growth.

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