With GDPR fast approaching and yet another data breach casting a dark shadow on the industry, advertisers have to be vigilant about how they gather and use consumer data. Here are 3 emerging technologies to help you navigate these challenges.

People.io is giving consumers ownership of their data to enable the next evolution of human connectivity. Their award-winning mobile app shares the value of data and advertising with its audience. Recognized as NASDAQ’s Rising Star and Marketing Week Top 100 Disruptive brand, they’re fast becoming the UK’s most engaged audience of young millennials where people own their own data.  Learn more about your data ownership at www.people.io

Watch below: Nicholas Oliver, Founder & CEO, people.io, shares his vision for a world where consumers control the data and what that means for brands. 

Decent is focused on using the power of blockchain to take on some of the biggest issues of the digital age.  At the heart of Decent is DCore, a proprietary adaptation of blockchain technology that is used to help decentralize the publishing ecosystem and connect creators directly with viewers. In doing so, they are building a platform that would allow brands to align with a positive consumer experience. Learn more about the powers of DCore at www.decent.ch

Watch below: Daniel Riddell, Advisor to Decent, discusses how blockchain tech can transform the content landscape.

IRIS.TV for Brands is a private marketplace that serves branded content inside personalized video streams across lifestyle, entertainment, news, and sports content verticals on premium publisher sites and apps. The company’s technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate streaming of personalized video based on audience preferences, user interaction, and behavioral segmentation. All anonymized to ensure compliance with GDPR. Learn more at www.iris.tv

Watch below: Field Garthwaite, Founder & CEO of IRIS.TV, offers his insights on how advertisers can capture audiences without sacrificing brand safety.

While the true impact of regulations like GDPR remain to be seen, savvy marketers can equip themselves with the right tools and expert partners to get ahead of the conversation. Startups like People.io, Decent, and IRIS.TV are paving the way for brands to leverage data while respecting consumers privacy and adding value. Reach out to us to get custom solutions for your biggest business challenges.

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