Ireland is known for transcendental authors, from James Joyce to Oscar Wilde, but with its great tax incentives and a flexible approach to new businesses, the Emerald Isle may become known for founders rewriting the future with their startups. Last week, I toured Dublin meeting with founders, investors and the hubs of the Irish Tech Ecosystem as we continue to grow our Global Innovation Network to help our corporate clients solve their challenges. Here are a few of the top startups and scaleups that should be on every corporate innovators’ radar.


FanFootage synchs the poor audio from fan mobile videos with the high-quality audio as recorded by the artist of that event perfectly. Further, artists can create unique fan videos, from all different fan angles, synched perfectly with their live recording. It’s like having a 15,000-person film crew all sharing their unique perspective. Similarly, less reliant on the audio piece, is the idea of crowd sourcing video recaps from sporting events. Imagine the experience through the eyes of the rabid fans, to create compelling and authentic recaps, which of course could be sponsored and generate great social reach.


Wia powers the future of the Internet of Things by enabling devices to communicate with one another in a simple, easy way. Think of them as the Stripe for the IOT. By taking care of the backend, messy cloud infrastructure, they enable developers and companies to build intelligent and complex applications. They also utilize their rapid prototyping service to create MVPs for corporates within 4 weeks, that give a simple, scalable language to build, measure and learn from.


LogoGrab detect logos at scale in images and videos which allows brands to monetize and monitor their visual content. Often used for social media monitoring to deliver more accurate consumer insights or to monitor sports sponsorship at scale, brand safety or counterfeit detection. They were recently named by Gartner as the “Cool Vendor in AI for Marketing 2018.”


Engager is a new broadcast ratings and data analytics provider which gives real-time social media insights and transparency on audience demographics and sentiment to TV networks, production companies, advertising agencies, and distributors. Their sentiment analysis tool enables subscribers to gain real-time insights on how audiences feel about specific shows.


Cainthus is a machine vision company using predictive imaging analysis to monitor the health and well-being of crops and livestock. Basically, it’s facial recognition tech for cows. Their unique algorithm offers interpretation of visual data, providing information on the health of the cows to solve problems before they occur. Cainthus’ facial recognition software for dairy farms can memorize the face of a cow in six seconds and monitor the activity of an entire herd without wearable tracking devices. You can imagine the future implications of this tech beyond farms and the potential commercial benefits for OTC companies to know when people are about to come down with a cold for instance.

This is a small sample of the brilliant companies sprouting forth from Ireland and a powerful reminder to our corporate partners that innovation is occurring throughout the globe. It’s imperative to widen sourcing funnels to include global solutions as the best options are often beyond your local tech ecosystem. These companies are seizing upon the amazing startup infrastructure in Dublin from folks like Dogpatch Labs, TechIreland and Suir Valley Ventures to rewrite a better tomorrow. These founders have certainly taken to heart W.B. Yeats advice, “Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.”


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