For NewsletterWhen a speaker is called up on stage at Startup Grind, the crowd welcomes them with a roaring applause  – as if Beyoncé just walked up. This culture differentiates the conference, where it’s customary to Give First and Make Friends, Not Contacts. It’s no wonder Startup Grind attracts the likes of Hamdi Ulukaya – Founder & CEO of Chobani, Jan Koum – CEO & Co-founder of WhatsApp, and Sean Rad – Founder & CEO of Tinder. Not to mention thousands of founders and investors building the next big thing. Here’s a few of the new friends we made at Startup Grind that advertisers should know about.


Giirbox is reinventing out-of-home advertising by introducing the world’s first augmented reality billboard ads on passenger windows – replacing conventional billboards with interactive, location-based AR messages. Giirbox has taken Israel by storm with their high impact, dynamic, and personalized ad platform. Planning US expansion soon. Applications extend to Taxis, ride-sharing vehicles, and self-driving cars. A technology forward-thinking advertisers should keep on their radar.


At only $350, Cubibot is one of the most advanced and cost-effective 3D printers. This elegant and easy-to-use product can create everything from figurines to fully functioning tools like a wrench designed by NASA. Cubibot offers unprecedented precision, Wi-Fi connectivity, plus heat beds and ventilation filters that make it safe for kids to use. Products like Cubibot signal the rapid development of 3D printing, with consumer applications in education, entertainment, design, and more.  


This Ecuadorian dev shop builds robotics with heart. Past creations include Yori, the companion robot, and Jupé, the robot chef, plus an interactive robot museum called Robots Crate. Robitz have produced magical engagements for brands like Nestle, Pepsi, and The Voice franchise. With engineering expertise and imagination, their mesmerizing creatures and multi-function installations promise to be a focal point of unique and memorable consumer experiences worldwide.


Meural is on a mission to democratize art. The Meural Canvas instantly gives you access to 30,000+ works of art, available on a beautifully crafted product with motion sensors that let you swipe to change creative—and it’s easy to upload your own images. This isn’t your ordinary digital picture frame. Their secret sauce is the software that makes the stunning picture almost indistinguishable from an actual painting. Recently featured in Target’s open house for Smart Home tech, this budding company is poised to become the canvas of the future.


Brapp is a social app that makes it easy to create and discover exciting musical collaborations from all over the world. Producers can upload beats and anyone can record a 1-minute video on top, mix down the audio with powerful studio effects, add video filters and instantly share with their followers. They have created thousands of collaborations with artists all over the world. Brapp, like and Snapchat, satisfies our need to connect, create, share, and be a part of something. A sentiment advertisers may be able to tap into down the road by integrating branded content native to the platform.

These impressive companies and many others we met at Startup Grind are pushing the boundaries of innovation to build a world that is more accessible, personal, and connected, where art and technology converge. Creating a canvas for brands to paint brighter, more impactful pictures for consumers. Reach out to us for more information on any of the above and to find how your brand can tap into what’s next, now.

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