With over 20,000 attendees from more than 110 countries, Collision is America’s fastest growing tech conference. In between Jazz Fest weekends, hundreds of startup founders gathered in New Orleans to show off the latest innovations – here are the companies that impressed us most.


Matsuko Logo v2

Mixed reality penguins, enabling you to image the future

From holographic robot shopping assistants to mixed reality raptors and penguins, MATSUKO is making magic happen for consumers and brands alike. This creative tech studio applies video gaming principles to create stunning commercial and educational mixed reality installations. MATSUKO’s industry veterans have 500+ years of collective game design experience with 50+ different games developed and 100+ million copies sold worldwide. Brands can tap into MATSUKO’s expertise and creativity to bring imagination to life for their audience.


Programmatic, native VR & AR brand placements

The VR/AR industry is poised to grow to over $100B in revenue by 2020, with major players Google, Facebook, Samsung, HTC, and Sony making big bets in this space. Advir is building a programmatic platform for brands to seamlessly and dynamically integrate creative (be it a Coca Cola billboard or Starbucks cup) into VR & AR content by indexing inventory in games and apps and selling this inventory to ad networks. Developments in this space with Advir and other companies like Omnivirt – helping brands distribute immersive 360 ads – point to the next gen of media placements.

Mooti Logo

Blockchain allowing you to redefine identity

Proclaimed as the biggest innovation since the Internet, Blockchain is a disruptive technology that promises to revolutionize how we transfer, store, and handle data. By removing intermediaries from the process and allowing peers to validate information, Blockchain creates a more streamlined and secure workflow. Applications extend far beyond digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Mooti is leveraging blockchain technology to redefine identity. The system can be used privately for employees, vendors, contractors, or customers in a loyalty programs

Xesto 3

Custom gesture control

Xesto simplifies gesture recognition and tracking for AR and VR apps and games. With the help of a small tracking device, Xesto’s software can analyze the motion – be it a swipe or karate chop – and use their machine learning algorithm to distill the gesture into three lines of code. The result is decreased latency, increased responsiveness and accuracy in classifying gestures as well as more engaging, interactive consumer experience in AR and VR. Critical to the stickiness of an immersive experience.

DPW Logo

Disneyland for techies

Of all the experiences at Collision, soaring around the venue from the POV of a drone was definitely a highlight. Drone Parks vision is to build a dedicated, safe, and legal space for drone flying and racing. A place with adaptable space, obstacles, and thrilling adventures. Where beginners, experts, and the audience can step into the pilot’s seat and feel the rush of flying through the eyes of the drones. A perfect partner for brands looking to thrill and delight.


Set against the vibrant backdrop of New Orleans, Collision offered a colorful palette of innovative startups looking to make their mark on the world, from VR & AR, to blockchain technologies, to drones. Reach out to us if you’re interested in learning more about what’s next to help achieve your brand’s goals.

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