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TechDay NY, the largest startup showcase in the US, had 500+ startups out on Pier94 showing what is next to over 35,000 attendees. Popular trends ranged from food delivery services to Fin-Tech, as well as a vast number of incubators to help accelerate the growth of the mostly early-stage founders in attendance. After vetting the concepts, the founders and overall opportunities for brands, here are our top five:



This week, Snap and Facebook announced they are diving deeper into AR but neither have this unique social AR capability that enables users to view the world around them through photos and videos that occurred in their present location. Visiting Six Flags you can see videos your friends left you as they went down the Log Flume. Clips from your favorite moments at Madison Square Garden, waiting for you as you approach the arena. The feeds are not chronological as the content is viewed, shared and explored completely based on location. While still in beta, Lifecache is poised to disrupt the monotonous feed-scrolling we have become accustomed to and create dynamic opportunities for brands to be a part of their consumer’s journey.


Keenobby - Logo

Keenobby encourages people to explore their passions by either hosting or attending a workshop, class, event or adventure with other curious participants. Users create a profile on the Keenobby website, choose whether they’re interested in hosting or attending, choose which experiences they are interested in and then join. The hosts, or “expertainers” as Keenobby refers to them, set the price, date, time, and location of the experience. For brands, Keenooby offers a community of passionate, engaged users open to trying new things in a wide range of categories.


Dog Parker

We are not tied to the fire hydrant any more Toto! Dog Parker offers high-tech, internet-connected dog houses on the sidewalks outside of stores where dogs aren’t allowed (57% of US retail businesses are legally prohibited from allowing dogs inside). Now Fido, Toto, Beethoven and Rin Tin Tin have a safe, comfortable alternative to getting tied up or being locked in the car. PetSmart, NexGard, Purina – might want to jump in.



Ouchie is a mobile platform for pain management that helps patients understand and connect around their disease and helps providers with adherence and support. Ouchie has partnered with leaders in the field of pain management, physical therapy, rehabilitation and holistic care to provide support as well as a community to discuss their pain. The Bayers and Tylenols of the world, take note at reaching people when in need.


Brand sponsored mobile battery power on demand, where and when you need it. Advertising on credit card sized batteries that recharge consumer mobile devices at events, bars, clubs, and nightlife venues. CHRGR gives brands direct access to new customers and engages them with a critical product that they’ll use several times a day and for months later. NFC and SMS allows for custom content. Not the first to use charges to advertise, but they are doing it more elegantly and efficiently.

So whether you need to recharge your phone, give your dog a rest, commiserate about your pain, be inspired by local expertainers or see the world through the eyes of those before you…Tech Day provided a number of companies delivering unique ways for brands to connect with consumers.

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