TCD NYC 2017 startup-alley

TechCrunch Disrupt gathers the best and brightest entrepreneurs, investors, hackers, and tech fans in a 3-day celebration of innovation. Below are a few of our favorites showcased in NYC that brands should know about.



Loji is a new marketing platform that leverages interactive brand logos inside mobile messaging. Loji appears in your iMessage keyboard as a hub, pulling in feeds from Google, Facebook, and other social platforms to populate brand pages and show the most useful and contextually relevant info. Searching for the nearest Starbucks? Instead of opening Yelp, flip over to Loji and automatically see the nearest one, then share that with a friend in one tap. Brands selected as featured partners can customize their pages and reap first mover advantages of being featured on users’ primary communications platform.


Emoshape logo

Meaningful emotional interaction is central to the advancement of AI. Emoshape’s groundbreaking emotion synthesis microchip technology is bringing us one step closer by teaching intelligent objects how to interact with humans. Imagine Amazon’s Alexa not only processing requests but understanding your tone and intent, facial expressions and body language, or driverless cars capable of responding faster when making complex decisions. Paving the way for more engaging communications between consumers and brands via emotionally intelligent platforms and products.


VisionLabs Logo

You can now create a virtual ‘you’ in seconds thanks to VisionLabs – a team of computer vision and machine learning experts developing products and solutions in the areas of facial and object recognition. VisionLabs’ Face DJ app (available on iOS) allows you to create a 3D model of your face just by snapping a photo with your phone’s camera. Add hair and sunglasses for extra flare. The app’s purpose is to illustrate VisionaLab’s facial scanning & modeling capabilities which can be translated into unique, interactive consumer experiences.


Market Music Logo

Market Music helps retailers and brands cater the in-store experience to customers in real-time. By using visual recognition to program music and digital signage, Market Music helps brands like Michael Kors, Kia, and McDonalds adjust music and in-store signage based on the demographics and volume of customers. Slow morning? Market Music’s platform will trigger soothing tunes to keep visitors comfortable. Lunch rush? The system will kick in a playlist of beats sure to keep folks moving swiftly through the line. Brands who implement their tech see an increases of 15-30% in sales.


Nominator logo

While physical space is finite, virtual space is abundant and unclaimed. Nominator is on a mission to help cities refashion themselves for the upcoming age of virtual and augmented reality by crowdsourcing the worthiest virtual names for public spaces and places – such as deeming Tesla the official name of Battery Park in New York. People will be able to proclaim their picks and share them via digital images and videos. The virtual names become official once a city designates them so. For brands, this may hint at the future of naming rights and OOH inventory.


From mobile messaging to 3D modeling, the future will change the way brands connect with consumers for years to come. Reach out to VentureFuel to discover how your brand can always be a step ahead.

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