France is one of the most dynamic countries in the international startup market, with a 30 percent increase in the number of startups created between 2012 and 2015, and the second largest startup funding in Europe in 2016, amounting up to €2.2 billion. While Cannes is the Oscars of advertising, VivaTech is the Parisian CES. It’s an international tech event boasting 5,000 startups and 50,000 attendees with a focus on collaboration between startups and global businesses. Here are the top 5 companies from the conference that advertisers should know about:

logo_skyboy 3

Sky-Boy – Paris, France

Tired of VR, AR, and MR. Need a new reality? Meet Overlap Reality from Sky-Boy. Their aim is to overlap the everyday world with creative imagery that brings environment to life by using an “exclusive technology that optimizes the effects of augmented reality to enable people to see the invisible, to change space and time, and live an immersive experience.” While it feels like mixed reality to me, it certainly has some cool HoloLens imagery, but without the awkward headset.

 gumgum logo 2

GumGum Sports – Los Angeles, United States

It’s rare for me to talk about an established company, but GumGum’s sports product is so impressive and disruptive, we had to feature it. During a fascinating talk on AI and Sport, CEO Tophir Tanz demonstrated through video and image recognition GumGum is able to capture the true value of sports signage and sponsorships across broadcast, streaming and social. Their unique technology tracks logo impressions in near real-time across all platforms whether on signage, a jersey or on the court.


people ai – London, England

With all the challenges around privacy, brands still must continue to find 1st party data and provides an elegant solution. They allow people to take ownership of their data by earning credits for simply answering questions or engaging directly with brands. The individual owns their data and only shares that information that they are comfortable with.


databerries logo

Databerries – Paris, France

Fresh off raising a $16m Series A, Databerries is ready to bring their “real life targeting” and off-line measurement to brands around the world. They have the largest persistent geolocation targeting database which allows retailers to target prospects based on the places they attend whether your store, or more interestingly your competitors store, based on the geolocation of millions of smartphones continuously.


Hease Robotics – Lyon, France

Robots were a huge theme at VivaTech and there were several to choose from but Heasy was my favorite. Heasy is a robot that greets people and gives them assistance at shopping malls. It’s colorful personality and ability to autonomously navigate space, allows it to take the Kiosk concept to amazing new heights. It also helps modernize the shopping experience and bring some cache to the mall environment. The data capture as well as advertising opportunities are extensive.


Today’s executives are focused on technologies that didn’t exist a decade ago, while a firehose of new innovations emerge daily. France has committed to embracing the disruption and encouraging tomorrow’s great innovations and VivaTech is their showcase. As always, please reach out to VentureFuel, if you’re interested in tapping into the global innovation ecosystem to help achieve your brand’s goals.

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