The Opening Panel at the Rogue Women Event
The Opening Panel at the Rogue Women Event
VentureFuel was honored to host Rogue Women, on May 7, 2019 in NYC. Nearly 200 women gathered to learn from and connect with trailblazing women from Nike, The United Nations, Amex, AB-InBev, Nasdaq, Pepsi, Intel, Major League Soccer, Univision, Diageo, Comcast, Sunday Dinner, The Martin Agency, Meredith, and a dozen of the best new female-run startups, tech companies and female investors. What began as an idea for a small networking lunch evolved into, “A Force,” and “The best conference I have ever been to,” and left attendees “feeling energized and inspired to continue dreaming crazy and being fearless.” One startup that presented at the conference reported 6 proposals, a signed deal and negotiations with an investor within a week. Pretty cool. The word “inspired” was the most common reaction we got from the attendees and the speakers – so we asked the speakers to share, “one piece of advice to guide the careers of future female leaders.” Below are a few favorites to inspire you to go rogue:
Kristen Cavallo
Be fearless. Don’t miss out on opportunity because you haven’t done it before. You always have something to contribute. Start with what you know and what you are good at. Then build from there. We are all capable of learning, growing and constantly building. - Rubina Malbari, The Estee Lauder Companies
No matter where you are in your career, if there is ever an opportunity either offered to you or unexplored territory within your organization that is of interest for you, never turn it down if it presents you with an opportunity to continue to learn. It could be uncomfortable, but it will make you that much more valuable. Once you stop learning you need to make a change. - Sara Younger, Kao Brands
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone," which reminds me to always stay a bit uncomfortable because that is when good things happen. - Tina McIntyre, Novel Effect
It takes the same amount of energy to dream big as it does to dream small. - Kelley Gudahl, Fatherly
Don’t wait for things to be ‘perfect’ before taking a leap. You’ll wait forever. - Morgan Greco, A&E Networks
One-On-One Speed Network Mentor Sessions at Rogue Women May 7, 2019
One-On-One Speed Network Mentor Sessions at Rogue Women May 7, 2019
Rogue Women exceeded all of our expectations. Our hope was to connect the best and brightest women to see what might happen. It has truly turned into a movement that we are proud to be associated with. If you are interested in how you can work with female founders, invest in female founded business or how to get involved please email us at
Read on below for more inspiration.
Aia Sarycheva
When faced with a new project or opportunity, I decide whether it’s something that energizes me or if it depletes my energy. If it’s the former I take it on. Using this framing has expanded my capacity because it optimizes for inspiration. – Jennifer Crews, Shift Thinking
Be clear in your asks and ask often. You’d be surprised by what others are willing to give or how willing they are to help. You just have to ask. - Anna Gonzalez, Nasdaq
The world is a classroom. Go out and get a masters in getting it done. - Nan Vogel, Major League Soccer
Be the one to ask 'dumb' or 'provocative' questions. I've often found that the simplest of questions surface misalignment, bring forth unique perspectives and drive clarity in the task at hand. Create a supportive environment for others (at all levels!) to do the same. - Heather Boyd, Acreage Holdings
I know two things for sure: the world needs big bets, and the world roots for the underdog. See yourself as both. - Kristen Cavallo, The Martin Agency
Claudia Romo Edelman
Don't be afraid to share your failures with others because the more we speak about them as women, the less pressure there is to always be perfect and we could learn from each other's failures as well. - Natalie Labuda, E-Trade
Talk about your idea as much as possible and create a network of trusted advisors that you can lean on. Building a company can be a lonely journey, so make the time to connect with communities of women and be inspired by others that are paving a path forward. - Stefanie Strack, Rag & Bone (formerly)
Pursue mentors. Learn from those who can help fast track your learnings. - Cary Leitzes, Leitzes&Co
It’s all about relationships. Build them, cultivate them and lean on them. A strong network is invaluable. - Lisa Kahn, Goldman Sachs
Find women outside and inside work that support each other instead of competing with each other. - Beth Kim, Lightbox OOH
Mel Strong
Don’t confuse assertive with aggressive. Assertive sends the message that I have rights, my opinion, values etc. matter. Aggressive conveys I have no rights, insecurity and inequality. - Jessica Chappell, Evergreen Trading
Read the Holstee manifesto (which is not short, but I do recommend that everyone read it, out loud, at least once a month). - Tina McIntyre, Novel Effect
If you're frustrated and unhappy with a situation, don't walk away. Grant yourself the power to change the situation and to BE the change. - Daphne Jouanneteau, Lightbox
Failures are opportunities to examine our priorities and strengthen our relationships. Using your failures to innovate change is the type of transformative work that brings meaning and purpose, so dive deep. - Erica Vanstone, WFTDA
Have a clear understanding of your brand proposition and make sure you deliver it consistently and in every interaction. - Beth Brady, Brady Dittmann
Caroline Lewis Palmer
Listen and learn to trust your inner voice - it’s always right. - Cary Leitzes, Leitzes&Co
Don’t be afraid to embrace your vulnerability & be your authentic self. No-one else can be YOU so build your own brand not someone else’s. - Ila Byrne, Diageo
Life is not as linear as we thought; embrace the changes and challenges; surround yourself with the people that really matter, and somehow your rewards will be recognized in both your career and personal life. - Lynda Costa, Firmenich
When you are questioned or pushed, always remember who you are and be confident in your abilities. It will help you quiet that voice of self-doubt in your head. - Anna Gonzalez, Nasdaq