In partnership with Advertising Week LATAM, we ran a competition to find the best startups in Latin America. These companies were then invited to demo at our curated TechX in Mexico City (@ the first Advertising Week in LATAM). We tapped into leading investors and tech/startup industry leaders from our Global Innovation Network to identify breakthrough companies from Ecuador, Honduras, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, and more. Here are a few of the standout companies that are solving real business challenges:
Aurem Logo
AUREM is a Central American development company on a mission to catalyze the creation of immersive media via their augmented reality development platform. Masterful developers, AUREM also produces custom premium AR campaigns to help brands tell a more dynamic story.
Synapbox Logo
Winners of the inaugural Advertising Week LATAM Startup Pitch competition, Synapbox leverages facial recognition and machine learning to enable brands to understand their consumers’ emotional reaction to content. Instead of weeks of laborious focus group testing, Synapbox gives brands the ability to test content and get user/customer validation from participants worldwide on their own devices and get reliable and actionable analytics faster than ever before.
Decidata Logo
Decidata is changing the way ad spots are bought on TV by standardizing and unifying processes and metrics across screens. Allowing advertisers to finally be able to optimize cross-channel strategies. With a growing roster of partners and clients like Nestle, Telefonica, Coca Cola and dozens more, Decidata is well positioned to be a key player in the movement towards full digital integration of marketing campaign purchasing and monitoring.
Klustera Logo
Klustera is an AI-enabled retargeting platform that allows companies to reach users online, based on their behavior in the real world. Enabling brands to harness the power of in-person interactions at events and in-store to better understand and engage consumers. Heralded as one of the top startups in Mexico City, they have been growing 10X year over year and have already worked with more than 50 brands and companies across Mexico and the US.
Histophy Logo
Histophy is building the largest, free and collaborative Time Machine, through compilation and georeferencing of historical images uploaded from users all over the world. With a growing collection of more than 50,000 images, Histophy is helping to preserve history and plans to develop a mobile AR app to allow smartphones to become windows into the past.
Aballoon Logo
Aballoon is an online platform & independent music label that is changing how fans engage with artists. Using their crowdsourced lyric platform, fans can collaborate with their favorite artists by contributing to lyrics of the songs that Aballoon produces and releases. Garnering over 6 million spins on Spotify, Aballoon’s growing library of music is an homage to a new form of music creation that celebrates the creativity in all of us.
Latin American startups possess an unparalleled level of passion and pride for their work that is admirable and contagious. We can’t wait to see what these incredible companies accomplish in 2018 and beyond. As official global partner of Advertising Week, our next stop is London, followed by Tokyo, Sydney and New York – all of which will culminate in the best startups of 2018. Please reach out to find out more about the wonderful new tech and emerging opportunities in Latin America, or how VentureFuel can help your corporation unlock accelerated growth through innovation.