Eureka Park, CES 2020

Last week over 170,000 technologists, brand strategists, product developers and investors converged on Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Some of the major trends at this year’s show included foldable screens (both in your pocket and across an entire event space), smart home technology (from toilet paper robots to connected toothbrushes) and the future of the car experience (from safety to entertainment to flying taxis).

While all these new products and features are flashy and exciting, the true magic of CES lies in the thousands of startups exhibiting on the floor at Eureka Park. Many of these startups are hyper-focused on solving a specific business or consumer problem and are at the cutting edge of breakthrough technology. We’ve curated the most interesting, relevant and potentially scalable 5 startups from CES 2020.

Phiar – Phiar’s mission is to change the way consumers perceive and navigate the world, forever. Their state-of-the-art deep learning and cognitive science expertise combines artificial intelligence and augmented reality for clear, safe and precise navigation. Although not yet in beta phase, this is certainly a company worth keeping an eye on as the consumer applications and corporate integrations are endless.

The next two startups aim to attack the epidemic of stress and anxiety with their unique technologies…

Healium – Healium is a virtual and augmented reality platform powered by brainwaves and heart rate as measured by their brain sensing headband device. This self-awareness tool delivers story-driven escapes catered to the user’s feelings and has been proven to reduce moderate anxiety and increase feelings of positivity.

Apollo device and app

Apollo Neuro – Apollo’s sleek bracelet is the first clinically validated wearable and app experience that actively helps the body adapt to stress, facilitating focus, sleep, energy and calm. Developed by physicians and neuroscientists, the device delivers customized vibration patterns designed to restore the body’s natural equilibrium and can be worn all day and night for peak performance and recovery.

Resemble – is changing the audio and recording market by using AI to clone voice. With as little as 10 minutes of audio data, Resemble can construct hours of audio content in a variety of languages, tones and accents. Applications range from audio advertising to voice assistants, customer service, gaming and more.

VyB – This high-energy team of founders and engineers aims to bring real-time insight and social engagement to their new multi-platform rating system. VyB provides consumers with local, real-time and verified reviews in the form of social media so that friends can share their experiences and choose the best places to spend time. On the flip side, businesses and establishments receive real-time alerts and analytics to drive engagement, foot traffic and sales.

If you attended CES this year or have in the past, you know how easy it is to lose track of hours (or days). That’s why we comb through the chaos and select the startups with the most potential to drive your corporate growth, now or in the future.

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