Last week, over 40,000 people gathered in Cologne for 2 days of ad-tech at the 10th annual Digital Marketing Expo & Conference. Consumer privacy was a focus of many exhibitors at this year’s DMEXCO, with GDPR now mainstream and advertisers preparing for the US to follow the EU’s lead with laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act set to go into effect next year. AI, in all its various incarnations, was also touted by many startups as setting their products apart from the rest.
DMEXCO’s Future Park, where the hottest startups vie for the attention of conference goers, showcased over 100 exhibitors this year. Here are 5 that stood out from the rest for their potential to drive corporate innovation.
Personify XP – The demise of browser cookies was a common theme in the conference this year. Browsers like Firefox and Brave are leading the charge in privacy by default, but Safari and even Chrome are stepping up their privacy game as well. That doesn’t bother Personify XP, who focus on the anonymous website visitor. Their “anonymous personalization experience platform” claims to increase revenue by 15% by focusing on anonymous visitors to clients’ sites, which make up 95% of the overall traffic. They do this by identifying the visitor’s “mission” each time they visit, then use AI to personalize the experience, providing a relevant and customized opportunity for your brand to reach your target audience.
Situ8ed – Location based targeting has taken a hit thanks to GDPR’s privacy protections, but Situ8ed has figured out a way to respect consumer privacy while still delivering all the functionality for location-based marketing. They do this through “Situation targeting”, which can determine, for example, whether or not a person is inside a store, or simply driving by the location on a bus. Once they determine the user’s context, they process the location data locally on the phone, keeping them in the clear when it comes to GDPR and other regulations. Privacy is baked in by design, not bolted on as an afterthought.
100 Worte Psychological AI - VentureFuel clients will likely have heard of Textio, an augmented writing platform focused on employee recruiting. Psychological AI brings that same tech to your marketing copy. Their Brand Intelligence measures the psychological effect of marketing text, allowing you to send target group-specific messaging. In other words, it lets you choose the right words for the people you’re trying to reach.
Future Park @ DMEXCO 2019
Future Park @ DMEXCO 2019
Localyzer – Local branches and retail locations want to market directly to their customers with localized campaigns. Corporate wants to maintain control to ensure consistent messaging. Localyzer strikes a balance between the two and allows you to convert national marketing campaigns to geotargeted local campaigns – at scale. They can create thousands of variations from a single national campaign in less than 24 hours. Customization at scale, while maintaining corporate control, reminded me of Kara, one of the startups that pitched at our LIFT event earlier this month.
Present4D – DIY VR. Quickly combine 360 degree video, photos and multimedia assets into a Virtual Reality presentation you can run off your laptop, without programming. Participants can explore the presentation together, while it’s mirrored onto a TV or tablet. Could this be the end of Death by PowerPoint? Maybe not, but it’s a glimpse of what’s coming.
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