The LIFT (Leadership in Fast Times) Summit at NASDAQ in Times Square featured some of the most iconic leaders in the world from General Jim Mattis to Beth Comstock, from Chris McCann to Scott Galloway and Alicia Tillman. The conversations focused on leadership, but one other theme emerged throughout the day – how to stay ahead of the pace of change. For corporate marketers, change is both opportunity and threat. By partnering with startups and emerging technologies, they can avoid disruption and gain competitive advantage to drive tangible results. We brought in 5 cutting-edge startups from around the world, hand selected for their ability to deliver for the C-suite attendees at the event. Here are the highlights:
Perksy – Dynamic Forbes 30 under 30 Founder and CEO, Nadia Masri, got the conversation started by showcasing how her mobile-first insights platform, Perksy, delivers real-time, targeted audience market research from a diverse set of engaged consumers.
Unique Value Proposition: A brand can push questions towards hyper-targeted groups such as student athletes who watch Game of Thrones walking north on Broadway in NYC, and deliver real-time results. The mobile first interface allows for brand building and engagement, even as you are seeking out market insights.
A Morphin animated GIF
Morphin lets you insert your own face onto animated gifs by simply taking a selfie
A Morphin animated GIF
Keep dreaming, Fred
Morphin – Flying in from France, Founder Loic Ledoux showed the audience what may be the future of storytelling, as he demonstrated how Morphin allows users to CGI themselves into popular GIFs almost instantly with just a selfie.
Unique Value Proposition: GIFs have become a new language for younger consumers to communicate and by allowing them to insert themselves or their friends into iconic GIFs it’s as if that language just became personalized.
Kara – Founder Marie Berry harnessed her experience and learnings from launching agencies around the world to build Kara, an automated marketing production platform that uses algorithms and machine learning to resize, translate and customize marketing assets. When marketing teams producing hundreds of creative assets need to make one edit the night before the launch, Kara eliminates that problem.
Unique Value Proposition: Marketing and creative teams can easily customize their creative assets across regions, languages, seasons and events, all while knowing that assets are brand-safe through Kara’s proprietary technology.
Geopipe founder Christopher Mitchell presents at the LIFT Summit
Geopipe founder Christopher Mitchell presents at the LIFT Summit
Geopipe – Co-Founders Christopher Mitchell and Thomas Dickerson, both PhDs, have developed an amazing technology to create digital twins with Geopipe. Their fast and accurate 3D mapping technology can be used for a variety of cases from video game special effects to AV training, urban planning and architecture.
Unique Value Proposition: Geopipe’s technology can map areas automatically in less than 1 hour where standard processes would take 100+ people months of work and millions of dollars.
XAPPmedia – Co-Founder and CEO Pat Higbie challenged the crowd with: “Is your brand fluent?” He showcased the way XAPPmedia’s enterprise conversational AI technology enables major companies (General Mills, Toyota, PespiCo) to become conversationally fluent across all channels. Customers can connect via voice, chat or any of the many other voice-enabled technologies, consistently across all channels with XAPP’s solution.
Unique Value Proposition: As voice and chat assistants and advertising become more prevalent, and even preferred by consumers, and as new voice-enabled technologies come to market, XAPPmedia can deliver a consistent and compelling solution at the enterprise level for all conversational touchpoints.
From Digital Twins to enterprise level conversational commerce to dynamic creative optimization to mobile-first insights to deep fakes for fun – these 5 emerging startups offer tangible value for corporate partners and the opportunity to separate from their competitors. If you would like to connect with one or more of the startups listed above, reach out to
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