The MIT delta v accelerator program is the capstone entrepreneurial experience for MIT students. Running from June through September each year, teams have a dedicated space at MIT or in NYC to work on their ventures full time. VentureFuel attended the culminating Demo Day event last week and heard from the 24 teams about their startups that span an impressive variety of industries and concepts. With an eye towards corporate innovation, we've curated a list of our top 5 picks with the highest future potential for impacting your business.
Nextiles – With a smart apparel platform that inserts modern computing into age-old textiles, Nextiles offers biomechanics metrics without the need for sports performance labs or expensive cameras. They have an impressive group of founders with backgrounds ranging from bioengineering to the sports apparel industry (Nike, Puma) and have already inked a couple deals with major sports organizations. If sports performance is core to your business, Nextiles could become your difference-maker.
Quantifai – With the increasing number of SaaS companies, the customer success job function has become one of the fastest-growing job categories, and Quantifai wants to make it simpler. Built to solve low-touch customer problems with machine learning, Quantifai aims to help customer success managers manage their large portfolios, reduce churn and increase upselling opportunities. If churn, scale or workload are problems for your customer success managers, Quantifai could be your perfect solution.
Live Sports Markets – As the sports betting and fantasy sports markets grow, the team behind Live Sports Markets wants to make them more social in real time. Their app allows users to play at any point during the actual game and their focus on the social experience informs the way friends can compete and talk trash right in the app. Live Sports Markets could be your brand's vehicle to tap into the increasing population size and engagement level of sports fans.
The 'Sixer' from SirMixABot
The "Sixer" from SirMixABot
SirMixABot – A crowd favorite for obvious reasons, SirMixABot is a robot bartender that delivers cocktails in a fun, safe and social way. Focused on workplace happy hours, the bartending robots have executed 10+ successful demos in Boston with 30+ companies on the waiting list. The newly demoed “Sixer” (with 6 bottles for cocktail optimization) could be a great addition to one of your upcoming events or a tech-forward perk in your corporate office.
Spatio Metrics – Spatio's goal is to enable a future of healthy buildings. By bridging the gap between design, data and performance, Spatio Metrics helps hospitals and health care establishments make smarter design decisions by analyzing floor plans, revealing design gaps and recommending improvements. With two proof of concept projects underway with top hospitals, the potential for Spatio in healthcare and beyond is vast.
The breadth, depth and quality of problem solving among MIT's group of entrepreneurs in their 2019 cohort was certainly impressive. With the strong backing of MIT, it's clear these startups are on the right path to success, and could be great partners to help push your brand or organization into the future.