Last week I was able to mentor several startups from the NYC Media Lab, which is a public-private partnership that supports early-stage emerging media technology entrepreneurship across NYC's universities. “We launched the Combine venture platform in 2015 and have invested over $1.1M of equity-free funding into 40 startups. Over a dozen have gone on to raise $8.5M outside of the Combine,” said Amy Chen, who is the Director of Entrepreneurship Programs for the NYC Media Lab. Here are a few of the companies that may be of interest to our corporate partners.
Aduri Meditation Cushion
A smart, multi-sensory meditation cushion – think the Peloton of meditation - that uses biometrics to give you personalized guidance. The Aduri cushion is designed to pick up where pure meditation apps leave off and help you achieve consistent calm, clarity, focus, and balance, from the comfort of your own home. For wellness brands, what a unique personalized platform to reach the right audience with messaging, or to partner on larger meditation events with a touch of tech.
What to expect, when you’re not expecting. An inclusive sexual and reproductive health platform that empowers women with resources and solutions they need. Their Box Box is a subscription service to provide curated products for a new generation of women, who are looking for authentic advice, tips and products from people they can relate to. Product placement + event opportunities for the right brands.
Instant virtual models of the world (immersive digital twins), built from rich 3D data, by AI. Real cities, at scale, instantly accessible for training simulations, games, architecture, and beyond. The founding team is made up of PhDs in Computer Science (NYU + Brown) and they have big time applications for FX Artists, Game Designers, Architects and Simulation Designers. This technology can be used to train autonomous vehicles, first responders and soldiers, by simulating the real world, while avoiding the infeasible, dangerous, and expensive process of training in reality.
The entire cohort of Alumni was exceptionally impressive, showcasing deep thought in areas ranging from tackling how to stop fake news using blockchain authentication, to shopper marketing navigation and beyond. If you are a corporate partner and would like to attend the upcoming NYC Media Lab Summit with us – shoot us a note and we will set it up.