Los Angeles, CA: Only 2% of venture goes to female-founded companies, only 8% of venture capitalists are women and only 4 of the top 100 CEOs in Harvard Business Review’s list are women. That’s ridiculous on almost every level considering that female-founded companies outperform companies founded by men. We launched our Rogue Women event series with Rogue Ventures – to bring together the best female-founded startups, the brightest corporate executives and the leading venture capitalists to inspire, motivate and learn from one another. Learfield IMG College and LA Confidential generously helped us tackle issues like gender in the media and women in sports. Here are the top startups that we showcased to the packed house at The Riveter in LA.
  • Pod Foods – the distribution solution for growing brands – basically fixing the gap between food creators and retailers.
  • Wearable X – a Fast Co Most Innovative Company – guided yoga pants - performance haptic fabrics that can be washed and dried that tell you when you are correctly doing the pose.
  • All Voices – Huma Resource 2.0 - you can anonymously send feedback directly to company leadership.
  • Revery - Queer owned and operated, showcases the works overlooked by the mainstream, looking to be the future of queer entertainment. Stream. Out. Loud.
  • Blue Fever - predicting what content you need to watch, listen to, or read – based on how you feel. Emotional media, not social media.
  • GALERIE.LA - fashion with integrity. Thoughtfully curated selection of sustainable fashion from emerging brands worldwide.
I believe that new ventures are the fuel of change. Startups begin because a founder sees a new future they want to create. Faster, better, different. By connecting forward-thinking executives looking for growth, with investors looking for growth with founders who want to grow – together, we can create our own path. We may have to go Rogue to get there – but the future is bright.
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