California Milk Advisory Board
The Real California Milk Accelerator
The California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) is launching one of the biggest dairy competitions of all-time, The Real California Milk Accelerator, with over $450,000 worth of prizing to be awarded to innovative fluid milk startups.
The competition combines two of California’s great natural resources: Real California Milk and California Entrepreneurship. The competition aims to inspire innovation and investment in fluid milk products, packaging and capacity within California.
CMAB is seeking high-growth potential liquid milk applicants, with cow’s milk making up at least 50% of their formula. The applicants will need to commit to producing the product in California, should they win the competition, thus making an economic impact on the dairy farmers of California, as well as the dairy processing community.
Up to eight (8) applicants will receive $25,000 worth of support each, to develop a protocept, while receiving elite mentorship from marketing, packaging, and distribution experts. They will also receive an expense-paid (travel, lodging, and meals) business development trip, to tour dairy farms and processing facilities, to meet with industry leaders to help drive success of their new venture. The winner will receive up to $250,000 worth of support to get their new product to market.

Deadline for application is August 31, 2019

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Thought Starters

The Real California Milk Accelerator aims to promote innovation in the fluid milk category. Ideas for new products can be as varied as new flavor variations, nutrient or health improvements, marketing or packaging innovation, or creating an environmentally conscious or sustainable product, with dairy accounting for at least 50% of the formula. Below you will find dairy product concepts from Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), that they tested with consumers. You can see both the prototype idea and the consumers' reaction to them. We hope this can be the spark that ignites the flame of your own idea!

Introducing Restore

Classic dairy milk that's high in antioxidants.

Restore Milk tastes as delicious as regular dairy milk and is a good source of antioxidants, C & A, including beta carotene. Antioxidants help the body with daily immunity support.
  • 2% Reduced Fat
  • Whole
  • Fat Free
  • 55% Cacao


Key Insight: With more awareness of taking care of your immune system there is a desire for ways to naturally get the benefit of antioxidants
The product: Classic dairy milk that's rich in antioxidants
  • Believable - A bit of skepticism exists on the fact that the product will have Beta Carotene and deliver the antioxidants needed to support immunity.
  • Differentiated - Strongly identified as unique, this product would be viewed as a first in this space, providing consumers with a new way to get antioxidants.
  • Relevant - As consumers become more educated on immunity health, products like this will become more and more relevant. Consumers already recognize the need for Antioxidants in their diet.

Introducing Chocolate 98

Chocolate milk with 98 calories.

Lightly sweetened with natural sweeteners, this delightful chocolate milk is all-natural and light in everything but flavor.
  • Belgian Chocolate
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Chocolate Cappuccino

Chocolate 98

Key Insight: Consumers love chocolate milk, but are mitigating usage because of sugar content
The product: Chocolate milk with 98 calories
  • Believable - Low-calorie products are familiar, even those that call out the calorie count in the name (Miller 64, 100-calorie packs, etc.).
  • Differentiated - By calling out the calorie content and being lower than expected, this is different than existing choices in flavored milk.
  • Relevant - Provides the great taste of chocolate milk without the sugar consumers are trying to remove from their diets.
Chocolate 98

Introducing Farm Reserve

Premium, small-batch milk sourced from different types of purebred cows.

Farm Reserve Milk is a line of premium milks with each variety sourced from a different type of purebred cow. All cows are raised without any artificial hormones or antibiotics to allow the naturally unique taste and benefit of each variety to shine through. Enjoy Jersey milk for its extra naturally occuring protein and Guernsey Milk for its ultra-creaminess.
  • Jersey
  • Guernsey

Farm Reserve

Key Insight: Consumers want to better understand where their products come from.
The product: Premium, small-batch milk sourced from different types of purebred cows.
  • Believable - Very believable, as this is something that can be made at local farms today.
  • Differentiated - Consumers are drawn to the story of the product, one that sets it apart from more "mass" products available today.
  • Relevant - The farm story combined with protein and antibiotic-free message is on trend with what consumers are looking for today.
Farm Reserve