Over $200,000 worth of prizing to inspire innovation and investment in fluid milk within New York State
NYS MilkLaunch
MilkLaunch is a dairy competition with over $200,000 worth of prizing to inspire innovation and investment in fluid milk within New York State.
The New York State Dairy Promotion Order (NYSDPO) is seeking breakthrough product innovations and new high-growth potential liquid milk startups to apply to the competition.
Up to 4 applicants will be named finalists and each will receive $15,000 worth of support for their new product and be enrolled in a customized mentorship program with industry leaders and experts across retail, marketing, social media, and dairy.
The 4 finalists will then pitch a panel of expert judges, for the right to be named the winner of the NYS Milk Launch and be awarded $150,000 worth of support to accelerate their new product in market.
Applicants should have a drink-able milk product that is at least 50% cow’s milk and be willing to commit if they win, that the cow’s milk will be sourced from New York State for the next 12 months - making a positive economic impact on the dairy industry of New York.
The program is being run by innovation growth advisory, VentureFuel, Inc.
Complete competition rules may be found here. All inquires may be directed to info@venturefuel.net.
Deadline for application is September 15, 2020
Applications are closed
Research from Cornell and the DPO
The Milk Quality Improvement Program is a program funded by the New York State Dairy Promotion Board, dairy farmers dedicated to the production, manufacture and distribution of quality dairy products. The objectives of this program are to assist New York State dairy plants in improving the quality of dairy products and to monitor and make recommendations to improve the quality of raw milk produced in NYS. Thanks to Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences for generously providing this research to help spark ideas in your quest to provide breakthrough product innovation.