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VentureFuel helps global corporations unlock the power of innovation by partnering with startups and breakthrough technologies.


Navigating Opportunities and Disruptions

The pace of change will only accelerate. This furious velocity is creating disruptions as well as seismic opportunities. We help the largest companies in the world stay ahead of what’s next and identify powerful new ways to capitalize on change.

We de-risk innovation and deliver tangible opportunities that have sustainable and scalable impact. Our Global Innovation Network (Seed/Angel Investors, VCs, Accelerators, University Labs, Futurists and Governments) and proprietary sourcing capabilities provide an advanced pipeline of relevant and unique solutions, vetted specifically for your business. We are 100% independent, do not take equity in the startups, and work as an objective extension of your team.

Innovation Drives Tangible Business Impact!

VentureFuel Client Results: Major CPG

18.7% Sales Lift

VentureFuel Client Results: Major Alcohol Brand

5x Purchase Intent Lift

VentureFuel Client Results: Major CPG

9.3% Brand Lift

VentureFuel Client Results: Major CPG

22.8% Engagement (4x industry avg)

VentureFuel Client Results: Major CPG

73% Lift in Brand Consideration

Investors & Startups

Access to Corporate Decision Makers

How do you navigate the corporate spaghetti to identify real decision makers, with real budgets, that want to activate rather than just play innovation tourism?


Gain exposure to the decision makers to drive revenue through corporate partnerships. Our clients are the biggest in the world and are tackling challenges across all areas of their business. They turn to us, to find the best path to success. If your startup or investment/portfolio company can make a meaningful difference – we would love to hear from you.


We identify corporate trends and pain-points to help your investment strategy. We also can provide insights and best practices for partnering with large corporations to help you grow your business.

Do you know of a startup that could benefit from a corporate partnership?

Our corporate partners are always on the lookout for innovations that can help grow their business.

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The Elite Change-Agents of Innovation

Our invite-only networking group. These are the change-agents embracing new opportunities to drive outsized results for their companies. From CMOs to VCs, from Angels to the up-and-coming disrupters. They receive unprecedented, advanced access to the hottest emerging companies and pioneering technologies as well as exclusive programming all over the world with our Innovation Brew Series and special programming at Cannes, SXSW, CES, etc.

Amiah Sheppard, Visionary of the Year 2019

Amiah Sheppard
Director, Backstage LA
Backstage Capital

Investor Visionary of the Year, 2019

Jaime Fabricant, Visionary of the Year 2019

Jaime Fabricant, Director, Store of The Future Innovation & Execution
PepsiCo, Inc.
Corporate Visionary of the Year, 2019


Tools to Help You Stay Ahead

We are honored to speak at many industry conferences, write thought leadership pieces on emerging technologies and share insights from our Innovation Safaris around the world. Here are a few pieces to help our clients stay ahead of disruptions and discover new opportunities.

Social Connections Off-Line
Last week we launched Happy Hour @ the Beer Garage, a thought leadership series with the innovation team at AB InBev. We gathered an elite group of investors, corporate innovators and startups to discuss Digital Connectedness, how technology can facilitate in person connection. Here are some key take-aways from the discussion as well as the 3 featured startups tackling this challenge. Communities flourish when we spend actual time together in person. “For millennia, beer has brought us... Read More
Published On: 2019-12-10
DeLorean: Driving Corporate Innovation
I just finished watching Framing John DeLorean, “the first documentary re-enactment true story of the man behind the car,” and am wowed by the connection between the challenging corporate climate of General Motors depicted in the film and the many corporations we assist today with their innovation programs. Here are a few insights for corporate innovators looking to drive change within successful, established organizations.
Published On: 2019-12-05
From Dorm Room To Board Room
Many successful companies started out of college dorm rooms before striking it big (Facebook, Rent the Runway, Dropbox, Dell to name just a few). EMRG seeks to showcase this student potential through their Pitch-Off competition. Here are 4 of the companies that corporate innovators should know about.
Published On: 2019-11-21
6 Top Female-Founded Startups
Los Angeles, CA: Only 2% of venture goes to female-founded companies, only 8% of venture capitalists are women and only 4 of the top 100 CEOs in Harvard Business Review’s list are women. That’s ridiculous on almost every level considering that female-founded companies outperform. We launched our Rogue Women event series with Rogue Ventures – to bring together the best female-founded startups, the brightest corporate executives and the leading venture capitalists to inspire, motivate and... Read More
Published On: 2019-11-06
The Power of Inertia
Why can’t corporations innovate? I’ve never done an interview where some version of this question isn’t asked. They have the talent, the budgets, the elaborate distribution and marketing capabilities to fuel success. But their ability to innovate is shackled by their own inertia created from their original success. The innovation or unique market fit that originally enabled them to become an established player, stymies their ability to grow because it naturally creates change resistance.... Read More
Published On: 2019-10-03

Innovation Brew

Events To Showcase What is Next, Now

Our Innovation Brew series of events around the world enable leading investors, founders and corporate innovators to network and trailblaze meaningful partnerships. We bring together the best of what is next at tentpole events like CES, SxSw, Cannes as well as our stand-alone conferences.

Innovation Brew NY

AW TechX

Sx Innovation Brew

The Fuelers

Our Team is Your Team

VentureFuel’s secret sauce is our team. We are able to H A C K innovation because we are Helpful, Attuned, Curious and Kick-Ass. Our elite corporate innovators are an extension of your team and 100% dedicated to delivering sustainable and scalable impact for your business.

Fred Schonenberg


Fred Schonenberg

For over 15 years, Fred has introduced new formats, first-to-market opportunities and is known for his award-winning creative solutions and ability to forge strategic partnerships to grow revenue. He is a frequent speaker at industry events such as SXSW, Ad Tech, Advertising Week, IAB, OMMA and thought-leader published in everything from The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Media Post, The Drum,, Creator Magazine, Advertising Week, Event Marketer, etc.

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