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Through partnerships with startups and new technologies, we help our clients accelerate growth, obtain customer learnings and provide disruption insurance. Build for tomorrow with results today.

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500+ VCs, Seed Investors, Accelerators, University Labs and Scouts grant us unparalleled, advanced access to relevant solutions. Our team of unbiased corporate strategists build custom programs, select vetted partners and optimize to deliver results.

Win-Win Results. 100+ innovation programs resulting in over $12m in revenue for startups now collectively valued at over $2bn.
Results Include

VentureFuel Client Results: Major CPG

18.7% Sales Lift

VentureFuel Client Results: Major Alcohol Brand

5x Purchase Intent Lift

VentureFuel Client Results: Major CPG

9.3% Brand Lift

VentureFuel Client Results: Major CPG

22.8% Engagement (4x industry avg)

VentureFuel Client Results: Major CPG

73% Lift in Brand Consideration

Thought Leadership

Corporate Innovation is incredibly challenging and there is no single path to success. We are honored to work with leading brands, learn from brilliant investors and see emerging technologies at nascent stages. This is where we share insights to help you think about new frameworks, stay ahead of disruptions and discover new opportunities.

Shift Perspective — The Value of Divergent Thinking

Shift Perspective — The Value of Divergent Thinking

by Fred Schonenberg | 2020–08–04

When we look at anything, we see it through the lens of our own perspective, experience, and bias. When that lens is successful in business, an industry builds up around that vantage point and solidifies a herd mentality defining it as the way things are done (aka best practices). Disruption and Innovation come when someone looks at that same problem from an original... Read More

Published On: 2020-08-04
There’s Never Been a Better Time to Go Rogue

by Shira Averbuch | 2020–05–20

In uncertain times, the philosophy of going “rogue” can seem risky, but now more than ever it is essential. When the status quo playbook is disrupted, those who are willing to blaze new paths and find creative solutions are the ones that thrive. Last week, we hosted a virtual Rogue Women event as part of our series with Rogue Venture Partners. The energy of the hundreds of guests and their enthusiastic discussions bridged our collective physical... Read More

Published On: 2020-05-20
Remain Close, Even When Far Away

by Fred Schonenberg | 2020–04–23

We are all masters of Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams at this point, but how do we maintain company culture and our camaraderie while working remotely? Can you replace serendipitous networking, team lunches, happy hours and running into each other in the hallway? I spoke with several visionary executives as well as our global network of founders and investors for the most creative and effective ideas to maintain culture and a sense of corporate... Read More

Published On: 2020-04-23
Leaning Into the Future of Work

by Shira Averbuch | 2020–04–08

A few months ago, in a time before we could have imagined mass distribution of work teams and our new reliance on video conferencing, VentureFuel and AB InBev were planning an in-person happy hour event around the theme of The Future of Work. As our event date approached, we quickly realized we needed to shift to virtual, combining our event management experience with key learnings from the relatively new world of virtual events.

Last week, we... Read More

Published On: 2020-04-08
Virtual Taking Center Stage

by Shira Averbuch | 2020–03–25

How a global challenge can hyper-charge market innovation

As we all adjust to recent changes in the way we live, interact and work, it’s clear that technology has become even more essential than ever. With more of the labor force working from home, an increase in virtual happy hours and live events moving online, video conferencing systems are taking center stage.

With great challenge, often comes great growth. Analysts from... Read More

Published On: 2020-03-25

Ventures To Watch

We evaluate thousands of emerging technologies and pioneering startups from around the world. Each week we highlight one that we believe can drive significant value for corporations.

Storage without the struggle. MakeSpace makes storage convenient and consumer-friendly with their on-demand, tech-enabled experience. Customers pay only for the space they need, schedule pickups and drop-offs and have access to digital photo inventory of their stuff through the MakeSpace app.
Storage without the struggle. MakeSpace makes storage convenient and consumer-friendly with their on-demand, tech-enabled experience. Customers pay only for the space they need, schedule pickups and drop-offs and have access to digital photo inventory of their stuff through the MakeSpace app.
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Erika Parkins
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Our events around the world unite leading investors, founders and corporate innovators to trailblaze meaningful partnerships. We bring together the best of what is next at tentpole events like CES, SxSw, Cannes as well as our stand-alone conferences like Rogue Women and Lift Summit. We host thought leadership roundtables and run leading corporate accelerators. Apply to attend a future event.

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